To Drink Or Not to Drink That Is The Question?



Be assured that I am not a self-righteous prude.

Be assured that I am not a self-righteous prude. I have a beverage sometimes, particularly if loosening up at night with companions. With my preferred cola and a few ice cubes, I prefer Appleton or Mont Gay rum. Even if the cola is already cold, the ice is still very important because it keeps the flavor fresh. When you add ice to the cola, it doesn’t seem to go flat as quickly as when you just use the cold cola to keep the drink tasting good.

If you don’t drink now, what do you do?

If you do not currently consume any alcoholic beverages, consider your options carefully before beginning. Make sure you drink responsibly if you do. Be careful not to let your drinking get out of hand. I’ll go into more detail about these points later, and I’ll also mention the possible repercussions if my warnings are ignored lightly.

Is it acceptable to drink occasionally?

For me, at least, having a drink every now and then on a night out or at a private gathering with friends is relaxing and helps me get rid of the stress and worries of the moment if done responsibly. You can temporarily forget that there is an entire world outside of you to which you must relate in multiple ways: friends, colleagues, neighbors, you name it; all of them want your time. All of them are vying for your attention, and if you don’t have a way to let go of the stress, it can sometimes seem like it’s all you can handle.

It is essential to realize that, although a brief escape from your problems may provide some breathing room, the issues you had prior to taking that drink persist after you finish it. You are the one who is responsible for resolving the issues that are plaguing your life, and you accomplish this by taking proactive steps that are tailored to meet the need. You won’t be able to solve any problems if you drink alcohol. Therefore, limit your drinking and then stop. If you don’t stop when you should, you could run into a lot of problems.

You could hire a designated driver or a taxi if you need to return home after drinking away from home. Better to make this choice than to drive yourself home after drinking too much. In addition to the fact that it is against the law to drive while impaired by alcohol, you run the risk of causing significant property damage, seriously injuring or killing someone, injuring yourself and losing your driving privileges, or even killing yourself. When you’ve had too much to drink, getting behind the wheel is not worth the risk. If you make too many mistakes, you could end up paying for them for years to come. a lesson you’ll have had to hard-learned.

Even though I am now retired, when I was still practicing law, I represented numerous people who were accused of driving while intoxicated. A conviction for manslaughter could result in a lengthy stay in state prison if someone was struck and killed. That is something no one wants to happen. You may lose your driver’s license, with the possible exception of being allowed to drive only for work purposes, even if there is no accident and you are simply cited for driving while intoxicated. A court appearance is required. That is such a drag. There are no wheels to help you get where you want to go. having to rely on others for transportation.

Is it even legal for you to drink if you are under the age of 21 where you live?

Depending on the jurisdiction, the drinking age may differ. Make sure you are aware of your local drinking age by checking there. Be responsible if you have not yet reached the legal drinking age. Do not tamper with an identification card to show an incorrect age attained. You could be arrested for that. The risk is not worth taking. You may believe that you are old enough to pull off the ruse, but most of the time you are mistaken in thinking that bartenders, store attendants, and others who are checking identifications won’t be able to add two and two, take your fake ID, and report you to the police. The majority of alcoholic beverage retailers and nightclubs do not want to risk losing their liquor license by selling or serving alcohol to minors. Having an adult buy alcohol for you is just as bad, and if caught, it only makes matters worse for everyone involved.

However, the legal issues you face are only the beginning. There are numerous additional factors to consider. How do you explain it all to your parents if the police pull you over for underage drinking? When you lie to the police or to your parents, it only makes the hole deeper, makes you less of a person, and it makes you lose some of your self-respect. It doesn’t make sense.

Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars is a fun show to watch on TV, but you shouldn’t dance on the table with your shirt off and a red rose between your teeth after drinking more alcohol than usual. It is inappropriate to dance on a table in a nightclub or at your host and hostess’ table, making yourself and everyone else present look foolish. It is comparable to mooning someone while sticking your bare bottom out of the window of a fast car. Even though it gives you a huge rush for a short time, you come across as stupid and immature in the end. Being seen as a fool by others is not “a good and wonderful thing.” You will likely be regarded as a social outcast because it is completely unacceptable.

Conclusion After reading this article, I want you to take this message with you. Each individual must carefully consider the consequences of drinking. If you give the questions below some serious thought, they will help you decide for yourself whether or not drinking alcohol is right for you.

If you don’t already drink, why do you think you might want to start now if you are of sufficient age to legally do so?
Is it just that you drink because your friends do? If that’s the case, there’s no good reason to begin. A decision of this magnitude should not be dictated by social pressure or peer pressure alone. You are quite capable of arriving at your own conclusion after taking into account all of the facts. Make it clear that you have the maturity to carefully consider your options and stick to them. If you’re having second thoughts about quitting drinking, think back on the reasons you decided to do so in the first place and see if they still hold true.

Will you be a responsible drinker if you decide to drink?
Will you know where you can go? Or, are you likely to drink too much and get drunk frequently? Even adults who are old enough to drink and think they can control their drinking sometimes make mistakes and need professional help to get over the problem. There may be a family tendency toward excessive drinking that puts you at greater risk of alcohol abuse than others if there are alcoholics or heavy drinkers in your family. It’s possible that the threat to your health and well-being is too great. Therefore, before you decide to start drinking, carefully weigh this issue.

Do you have the financial means to purchase alcoholic beverages?
Why do something that could put your finances in jeopardy if you can’t afford it? Drinking alcohol can have a significant financial impact on your overall budget if you don’t manage it.

Will it make you less dependable in meeting your personal and family obligations if you start drinking?
When it comes to other people, especially heavy drinkers, I’ve found that they become less responsible for meeting their obligations to friends, family, and work than they were before they started drinking frequently. Even though he is now retired and does not accept clients or provide legal advice, my law partner would not eat his lunch unless he had at least two martinis. I had to end my relationship with him because he showed up to afternoon court hearings with alcohol on his breath, was frequently late for office appointments with clients, and the quality and quantity of his legal work over time became unacceptable as his drinking problem got worse and he became unreliable. You must prevent this from happening to you. Do your best to carry out the responsibilities of your job. Do not begin drinking lunch.

Don’t drink if you still haven’t decided whether or not it’s right for you after considering it and weighing the pros and cons. If you are unable to clearly articulate a valid reason for beginning, there is no good reason to do so.

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